Rebel Rebel, Your Face Is A Mess!

Im Lauren, 20, Norwich in england! talk to me! i like boys,girls, friends, rock fashion, music, vintage , family,chilling out, getting mail, rings, ray ban sunglasses, eye liner, summer, boys - bmx riders, blue nail polish, lying in bed listening to the rain outside, tea, bows, speed, stormy weather, rain, jewelry, watching stars at night, rainbow, blue eyes, Coca-cola,ice cream, parties, art, painting, smile's, flashing lights,Muse! giggling, seaside, junk food, water, silent, dancing in rain, photography, carousels, colors, midnight phone calls, Late of the Pier, twitter, laughing so hard your face hurts, swinging on swings, the first snow of the winter, skinny jeans, random hugs, reading next to the window when its raining, water colours, bring me the horizon, its a wonderfull life, you?